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July Holidays 2024
Monday 8th July- Sunday 21st July
Bust holiday boredom with our range of circus and aerial classes for all ages!
Classes available for both new and experienced students - please read class descriptions carefully.

Kids' 1 hour classes: $20 each 
Kids' 1.5 hour classes: $30 each
Adults' 1 hour classes: $25 each
Adults' 1.5 hour classes: $35 each

Family Circus: $30 for an adult and child (+ $10 per additional family member)
Circus Tots: $15 for one child and one caretaker (+$10 per additional family member)

Multi-Class Discount:
Save $5 when you book 3 classes, $10 when you book 5+ classes
This discount can also be applied to siblings, make sure to complete the sibling section of the form. 

Please email any questions about classes to prior to completing the enrolment form.

Class descriptions are below the timetables!

Stars indicate classes that have pre-requisites, these are outlined in the class descriptions.

Classes require a minimum number of students to run, so encourage your friends to join you!
If the minimum number of students is not met 48hrs before the class it will be ca
ncelled, so don't leave your enrolment to the last minute.

Once the enrolment form is submitted, you are enrolled.
Please do not register unless you are sure you can attend.

Adults Aerial Hammock

Come learn to fly in this comfortable (relatively) aerial apparatus with Kate

Comfortable Aerial Invert

Adults Circus Fit: Aerial Conditioning

Build strength, stamina, and mobility - circus style! Get fit for aerials, acro, or regular life with bodyweight and light weight exercises, light cardio, and apparatus work.

Open to all levels!

Adults Lyra: Drops and Rolls

Kate will lead this intermediate Lyra class through some drops and rolls.

Comfortable Aerial Invert

Adults Straps: Strength and Tricks

Come learn one of the more simplistic aerial arts with Caitlin. She will cover some fun tricks as well as teach conditioning that will help you become stronger in the air.

Comfortable invert needed, able to deadhang

Kids Aerial Straps

Caitlin will teach a variety of skills on the straps, no aerial experience required for this class!

Open to all levels!

Kids Flexibility

Learn to safely bend forwards, sideways, and backwards with Maddi! Strengthen, flex, and embrace your inner noodle in this fun holiday class.

Open to all levels!

Open-Level Juggling

Any and all jugglers welcome to this class, Calvin will teach tricks based on the level that you are at, even if you can't juggle at all!

Open to all levels!

Adults Beginner Bar

Treesa will cover Trapeze and Lyra in this intro adults class.

Open to all levels!

Adults Flexibility Foundations

Learn how to touch your toes forwards, backwards, and sideways!
Explore how to activate your muscles to support and stretch for splits, backbends, and full-body flexibility training in a safe and structured class.

Open to all levels!

Adults Silks: Climbs and Conditioning

This silks class with Kate will cover of some interesting climbs that can be used to spice up your routines, as well as some important conditioning to help improve your skill in the air.

Comfortable Aerial Invert

Circus Tots

Toddler able to consent and follow simple directions, including wait and stop
Caregiver able to comfortably lift child, minimum 1 caregiver per child, maximum of 2

Open to all levels!

Kids Aerials

A chance to try out a variety of aerial apparatus; silks, trapeze, lyra, hammock. You name it, you could try it!

Open to all levels!

Kids Mixed Circus

Juggle, tumble, balance, and fly! A mixed skills class covering everything from basic acrobatics and aerials to hula hoops and juggling.

Open to all levels!

Adults Beginner Fabric

Treesa will cover Silks and Hammock in this intro adults class

Open to all levels!

Adults LED Prop Jam

This Adults class is open to everyone, bring your own LED props along and Emma will showcase some fun was to show off the uniques aspects of your light-up equipment.

Open to all levels!

Adults Stilts

Calvin will teach you how to walk (and fall) on stilts in a safe environment.

Open to all levels!

Family Circus

A great family activity for the holidays!
Each class will cover 2 aspects of circus. On Wednesdays explore Aerials and Circus Acrobatics. Then discover Object Manipulation and Acro on Sundays.

Open to all levels!

Kids Beginner Silks

This intro class is a great way for your kid to get a taste of aerial arts. Vale will teach some beginner silks moves that will be accessible to even the most beginner of students.

Open to all levels!

Kids and Adults Hula Hoops

This fun-filled class is designed for all levels of enthusiasts. Emma will teach everything from waist hooping to off-body tricks and transitions in this playful space.

Open to all levels!

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