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Annual General Meeting

The Circotica Circus School Inc. AGM will take place at Circotica on Sunday January 15th, at 11a.m. Check our social media for more updates.

As announced at the Hullaballoo, we are now accepting both committee member nominations and society motions for our AGM.

We encourage everyone to attend the AGM to chat about our organisation and to make your voice count as members of this Incorporated Society.

Committee Member Nominations

How to nominate someone for a Committee role:
"i. Each candidate shall be proposed and seconded in writing by members, and the completed nomination delivered to the Secretary.

ii. Nominations shall close at 5pm on the 5th day before the Annual General Meeting."

In practice, this means that our Secretary (Violet) needs to know who is the nominator and seconder. This can be done in the comment section of our Facebook group thread, by leaving a note at the studio, or by emailing

Who can be nominated?

Section 2 Part III. "Only members of the society may be committee members."

Section 9 Part III i. "All members must have completed our membership forms and be in regular attendance at classes."

Section 9 Part III v. "If a member fails to re-enrol at the new term or pay their term fees within the specified timeframe, their membership will be forfeited."

In practice, this means anyone who was enrolled in Adult Term 5, parents of kids/teens enrolled in Youth Term 4, or those holding an active concession card may be nominated.

What are the positions and what do they do?

  • Chairperson

  • Treasurer

  • Secretary

  • Social Media & Branding

  • Events Coordinator

We would like to add 2 new positions to the committee for 2023:

  • Health & Safety Officer

  • Community Liaison

In addition to the information in the constitution we have put together an outline of the operational aspects each position is responsible for overseeing, as well as day-to-day committee organisation.
- It's common to assist with tasks that you don't directly oversee, but it is not required.

- Committee members are neither personally financially responsible for the school, nor will they directly gain financially from work completed for committee administration.


Our Key Goals for 2023:

  •  Complete payments toward our bond for the lease of the building, ensuring the society's financial independence.

  • Organise a performance production (funding permitting)

  • Build a stronger sense of community.

  • Increase our H&S awareness as a community.

  • Establish community outreach programs to improve accessibility to Circus Arts.

  • Continue offering supportive, safe, and high-quality classes to our members. 

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