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  • What ages do you take?
    We have kids classes which begin at 5 years old, and adult classes for >18 years - there is no upper age restriction! Our children's classes have varying age requirements depending on the skills taught, for safety purposes. This is at the instructors' discretion.
  • What are the term dates?
    Kids and Adults 2024 Term 1: Monday 5th February - Sunday 14th April Holidays 2: Monday 15th April - Sunday 28th April Term 2: Monday 29th April - Sunday 7th July Holidays 3: Monday 8th July - Sunday 21st July Term 3: Monday 22nd July - Sunday 29th September Holidays 4: Monday 30th September - Sunday 13th October Term 4: Monday 14th October - Sunday 22nd December
  • What sort of things are taught in the kids Mixed Circus classes?
    We think it is important for our young students to have good, well-rounded circus training. Mixed circus teaches a range of acrobatics, aerials (silks, trapeze etc), juggling, teamwork, safe falling and landing techniques, balancing techniques, and more. We cater the classes to the students' needs and passions, as they often have a favourite activity which they wish to learn.
  • How do I enrol for classes?
    We open enrolments 2 - 3 weeks prior to the start of each term - this is announced on our home page, social media, and our email newsletter (subscribe here.) How to enrol: Navigate to the appropriate timetable under the 'Enrolments' tab. Clicking the "Enrol Here" button above the timetable image. Fill in the enrolment form and submit it! This includes the student's name and contact details, any previous circus experience, and which classes you want to enrol in. If you have any problems in this process, please email us or message us on social media and we'll help you through it. You will receive an invoice within 5 days of your enrolment, once we have confirmed a space is available for you. We also now offer concession and casual classes for adults, with a separate enrolment form.
  • Do classes run on public holidays?
    Yes, all of our classes run as usual on public holidays during the term. We will contact you via email if this changes for whatever reason.
  • I'm new to circus, what classes can I book in for?
    Welcome! Circus is a wonderful challenge that everyone can try. For kids/teens with little or no prior experience are: - Kids Circus/Teens Circus - Any intro and some beginner level aerial class (trapeze and lyra, silks and hammock, and mixed aerials) The classes we offer for adults with little or no prior experience are: - Intro to Aerials - Hula Hoops - Mixed Circus - Flexibility Foundations - Circus Fit - Partner Acro
  • Can I try just one class? I don't want to commit to a whole term.
    We now offer casual and concession cards for adults! Email for more info and eligibility, or see our casual bookings info page. We offer lots of one-off classes during the school holidays, which are a great way to get a taste of our classes for kids and teens! We don't offer trial classes during the term as it can be disruptive for our full-term students. Families with some circus experience are able to casually attend Family Circus - send us an email for more info. Open Days are run a couple of times each year, advertised on our social media and events page - bring along a gold coin to try out some circus skills outside of a class environment.
  • Can I change my class(es) once the term has started?
    We do not offer refunds, class transfers, or exchanges unless there is a very compelling reason - we're a non-profit organisation and classes are run based on the number of enrolments at the beginning of term. Please ensure you are able to commit to the full course before you enrol with us, or email us to see if we can come to a suitable arrangement.
  • How much do classes cost?
    Pricing starts off at $170 for kids for one class per week for a 10 week term. Pricing starts off at $200 for adults for one class per week for a 10 week term. We also now offer concession and casual classes! Further pricing information can be found under the 'Enrolments' tab.
  • Can you hold a space for me next term?
    Enrolments are taken on a first in first served basis each term. We do not hold spaces or automatically re-enrol students. To be the first to hear about new term enrolments, sign up to our email newsletter! Sign up at or fill in the sign-up form right at the bottom of our webpage.
  • Help! I have not received my invoice.
    You should receive your invoice within 5 days from the day you filled out the online form to enrol. If it has been 6 or more days, please check your spam/junk mail. If it is not in your inbox or spam/junk mail, please email so we can ensure your enrolment was received.
  • How is Circotica Circus School protecting its members from COVID-19?
    We have put a lot of work into ensuring our members' safety during this pandemic. Our COVID-19 Protections are detailed under our 'About Us' page.
  • Do I need to be currently enrolled to buy a concession card?
    No! Concession Passes and Casual Bookings are available without a term enrolment. We do need to make sure you are safe to attend classes, though. To do this we may request that you organise a private session so that an instructor can double-check your skill level before you are given access to certain classes.
  • What classes can I access?
    All adult entry-level classes except 'Intro to Aerials' may be accessible. Classes with prerequisites will be accessible on a person-by-person basis.
  • How long is the concession card valid?
    To ensure you can use up all your credits we are making concession cards valid for 6 months from purchase. You may only purchase 1 card at a time, and card credits are non-transferable.
  • Why 'may be' accessible?
    Accessible classes will be announced at the start of each term. - Classes still need to meet their minimum term bookings to run. - Classes that are fully booked will not be accessible, because they are full. - You must have aerial experience in order to join aerial classes on concession.
  • How does booking with a concession pass work?
    Similar to how we have been managing open training bookings, those with concession cards will be emailed a booking spreadsheet. Bookings will be available for the 2 weeks coming and must be entered by the day prior to the class.
  • What if I need to cancel my booking?
    Cancellations need to be made 12 hours in advance. This ensures anyone waiting for your spot will be able to join the class. If you do not cancel your booking with >12 hours notice, the class credit will be used.
  • What do I wear? Do I need to bring anything?
    We recommend fitted, comfortable clothing for all classes, such as leggings or light sweatpants, and a t-shirt. Please bring your own water bottle. In Summer you may wish to bring a sweat towel. We provide storage spaces for students' belongings, so everything you bring stays safe during class. - Hula hoop students are encouraged to bring or wear shorts as leggings can be slippery and make leg-hooping difficult - however this is not a requirement, come wearing whatever you're most comfortable in. - Contortion students require a yoga or exercise mat. You're welcome to bring your own yoga blocks if you wish, or use the school's ones. - Aerial students require clothing which has no zips, buttons or buckles and will need to remove all jewellery. We recommend full leg coverage as the apparatus can be painful on bare skin.
  • Where do I go when I arrive for my class?
    We have limited Circotica Circus School car parking but if your class is after 5pm, you can use any of the other business' car parks as well. When you enter the building, please take a seat in the waiting room and your instructor will call everyone through when it is time for your class. Please note that as per our COVID-19 Protections we may ask you to wait in your vehicle or outside (weather permitting) prior to class, in order to reduce the risk of transmission between students.
  • What if I am running late for my class?
    Please let your instructor know in advance if you'll be late to class! If you can't contact your instructor directly, email or send us a Facebook message. We understand that lateness can be unavoidable! However, if you are more than 10 minutes late your instructor reserves the right to decline you taking part in the class that day.
  • Who do I contact if I'm going to miss a class?
    If you know you're going to miss a class, please either directly message your instructor (if you have their details) or email :)
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