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 COVID-19 Protection at Circotica Circus School

2023 Update

Student Illnesses

As always, if you are sick please stay home.
You can notify us of absences via a quick Facebook/Instagram message (either @circoticacircusschool or directly to the instructor if you're connected online) or by emailing

Your instructor has the right to turn away any student who presents to class unwell.
is benefits both you and your fellow members - no one wants to get sick from attending (or teaching) class, and your body will thank you for the rest day while you get better!


Masks are recommended during classes involving close physical contact and in the waiting room area, but are not required.
Everybody has the right to protect their bodies at Circotica Circus School, and we support those who wish to continue wearing a mask during classes. Please respect your fellow students and instructors - pressuring those around you to remove their masks will not be tolerated.


Please inform us if you contract COVID-19 and have trained with us within the past 5 days.
We will confidentially notify your classmates that they are COVID-19 contacts


Evidence of vaccinations is not required for any member.

Please note that our COVID-19 Protections are subject to change in response to shifts in legal requirements and case numbers in our community. We are a non-profit organisation with a commitment to our community's health and safety.

Any changes will be directly communicated to current members.

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