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 COVID-19 Protection at Circotica Circus School

September 2022 Update

As Canterbury's COVID-19 caseload has significantly lowered and the weather is allowing us more fresh air during class time, the time has come to update our COVID-19 Protections.
From Monday 5th September, while Canterbury COVID-19 cases remain low the following rules apply:


- Masks are strongly encouraged and recommended during class and in the waiting room area, but not required.

We particularly recommend mask use in the following situations:

- If you cannot physically distance from classmates.
e.g. contortion classes, partner exercises, partner acrobatics, and in large classes.

- If you're in the space for more than one class in a row (longer time in a confined space with different groups of people = higher risk of contracting any respiratory illness.)

Everybody has the right to protect their bodies at Circotica Circus School, and we support those who wish to continue wearing a mask during classes. Please respect your fellow students and instructors - pressuring those around you to remove their masks will not be tolerated.

As always, if you are sick please stay home. Your instructor has the right to turn away any student who presents to class unwell.

Please note that our COVID-19 Protections are subject to change in response to shifts in case numbers in our community; mask requirements during classes may return in the event of an outbreak among our students/instructors, or if cases begin to significantly increase in Canterbury indicating an outbreak.


Please inform us if you contract COVID-19 and have trained with us within the past 5 days.
We will confidentially notify your classmates that they are COVID-19 contacts.

Building Entry

Only students are currently allowed into the building, unless prior arrangements have been made with the committee and/or instructors. Please enter via the waiting room, not through the roller door.


Evidence of vaccinations is no longer required for members 12 years and older.

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