Past COVID-19 Protections at Circotica Circus School
Please note: These are NOT our current rules for COVID-19 Protection.

May 2022 Update

While COVID-19 has a meaningful presence in the community, Circotica Circus School will be taking the following measures to help keep our members healthy and reduce the impact of close contact isolations on our community and classes. Please read them carefully and keep them in mind.



Evidence of vaccinations is no longer required for members 12 years and older.
The committee will regularly reassess this requirement as case numbers change.




Masks must be worn on site by all members 12 years and older, including during classes.
Please see our
Mask Guide for tips on mask-wearing and clarification about what masks are suitable. 


Please inform us if you contract COVID-19 and have trained with us within the past 5 days.
We will confidentially notify your classmates that they are COVID-19 contacts.

Building Entry

Only students are currently allowed into the building, unless prior arrangements have been made with the committee and/or instructors. Please enter via the waiting room, not through the roller door.

Class Management

Class duration: Classes are running for 55min to ensure no cross over occurs between students leaving and students entering.

Stay in your zone: Students are asked to use the same aerial point for the duration of their class, and/or to stay within one zone while on the ground.

Buddy system: Find a friend in class to share your point and floor space with this term. Sharing the space and aerial equipment with the same person each week will decrease the number of people you come into contact with and reduce the chance of transmission in the event of a Covid case attending class. Buddying up with the same person for multiple classes will further minimise the number of people you're close to.

Please note that due to their nature members attending Adagio, Contortion, and Kids classes will always be at higher risk of transmission.

Open Trainings

Sessions are now 1 hour long and will require a booking to attend.
If you would like to attend open training, email us to receive a separate email with more information, and a link to the booking sheet.

Red Traffic Light Settings

With Aotearoa entering the Red Traffic Light setting Monday 24th January 2022, some changes will be made at Circotica. Under the Red Traffic Light Setting the following protections will apply in addition to the Orange protections:

All students 12 years and over must wear masks while on the premises, including during class.
Under 12s are encouraged to wear masks, but are not required to.

Waiting Room Use:
The waiting room will not be available, please wait in your car until class time.  

Personal Hygiene and Cleaning:
Please use the provided hand sanitiser on entry.
We encourage the use of your own stretching and manipulation equipment where possible, including yoga blocks, juggling clubs, hula hoops etc.
Please assist the instructors with wiping down equipment at the end of class. This helps us to keep classes running on time.

If you have any questions please contact us via message or email (




Orange Traffic Light Settings



From 3rd December 2021 proof of vaccination is required for all students aged 12 and over (as of the start of term) to attend classes or enter our building.

At the start of term, you will need to wait outside until your Vaccine Pass has been verified by an instructor.
Verification will be recorded on the roll.

Children under 12 years are not required to provide proof of vaccination.

Building Entry:
Parents, we ask that you do not enter the foyer or main circus space when dropping off or picking up your children. Spectators are not permitted unless prior arrangements have been made in which case you will need to provide your Vaccine Pass prior to entry into the building.

Tracer App:
We would also like to remind everyone to scan in using the Covid tracer app and sanitise or wash their hands on entry into the building. Please also continue to wear a face mask while waiting in the waiting room, this can be removed once your class has started though is still encouraged. Please also stay home if you are feeling unwell or have any cold/flu symptoms.


Own Gear:

If you have your own apparatus or gear, we encourage you to use it. All communal gear and high-touch surfaces will be cleaned often.

We appreciate your patience and understanding through this time and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.