Adult Term 4 Timetable

Monday 1st August - Sunday 9th October 2022

Not sure what's what? Class descriptions are below the timetable.


Adult term 4 classes 5:30-9pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. 5:30-7:30 Wed, 5:30-6:30 Friday.

Develop the foundations of Trapeze, Lyra, Hammock, Rope & Aerial Silks in a fun and safe environment.

Completed Intro but don't want to dedicate yourself to one apparatus? This mixed apparatus class is a great way to continue developing your skill on all apparatus.

Learn hula hoop tricks and transitions, as well as how to find your own flow with the hoop. This is a mixed level class for beginners and beyond.

This class aims to improve mobility by developing your active flexibility, strength, and coordination, with a focus on injury prevention for circus.

Learn how to touch your toes forwards, backwards, and sideways! With splits, backbends, and all over body flexibility training in a safe and structured class. Beginner & Intermediate Levels

Partner Acro

Partner Acro

Who wants to lift weights when you could lift humans instead? Learn partner and group acrobatics, while gaining strength and physical confidence. No partner required!

Learn the art of balance, while strengthening your wrists, shoulders, and core with full body conditioning. Suitable for all levels of experience.

In this class students learn different styles of juggling and object manipulation. Solo, duo and group skills are taught.

Strike shapes while spinning and swinging though the air and around the lyra. Beginner & intermediate levels available. Prerequisite: Intro to Aerials

Weave your body and the silks into artwork while building strength to climb to new heights. Beginner & intermediate levels available. Prerequisite: Intro to Aerials.

A wonderful aerial apparatus for all levels. Pose, roll, and drop within the beautiful fabric of our aerial hammocks. Prerequisite: Intro to Aerials

Climb, drop, roll, and flow on this beautifully minimalist aerial apparatus. Prerequisite: Beginner Silks

Learn trapeze sequences, seamless transitions and flow on a single point, spinning trapeze. Prerequisite: Beginner Aerials

Push your mental and physical limits in this challenging class. Work with Rope and Silks to build skills and create dynamic sequences. Prerequisite: Intermediate Silks

Experience everything circus in this fun and diverse class for all levels. Suitable for everyone seeking variety in their weekly routine.